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Ever Wonder Why Do You Have A Disability?

Ever wonder why do you have a disability and others don’t? I always wonder that for a long time, and nothing made sense. It was like God gave me Cerebral Palsy for a purpose and I didn’t know why. I did something wrong and God wanted to punish me. I was all right with not walking, but not being able to talk was too much. Yes, I was getting mad at God for doing this to me.


As I was growing up and was planning to go to college, things were changing inside of me. I was meeting people who looked at me as inspiration because I was accomplishing things that were not easy to do for a person without a disability. In my mind, I was not unique so I just was doing what the other students were doing. When I first realized that my Cerebral Palsy was not a punishment but a gift from God, it was at a retreat at college. It was a three days retreat and by the end of it, students were coming up to me saying that I inspired them, and they really meant it. I was in shock and was wondering if it was actually true. For me, I hear a lot of things that people say to me, but I often think they don’t mean what they say. This time it was a lot different because a few days after the retreat, there was a gathering and I saw the people from the retreat and the larger community. People were talking to me as if I didn’t have a disability. why do you have a disability

Still Asking The Question

You might be wondering if I forgot the question why do I have a disability. The answer to this question is no because when I get stress with life, I still get angry with God. I am a human being who has flaws. Sometimes nothing makes sense like now. I need a few personal care assistants for a while now. I don’t know what to do because I have ads up in different places and nothing is happening. Yet, I know that God gave me Cerebral Palsy for a reason, but why is He letting me struggle like this? I don’t know but I have to trust in Him that I will find someone soon. I do believe that I will always ask why do I have a disability although I know the answer, which is to let people see me have the strength to do the things that God wants me to do. Since I am a human being, I don’t fully understand what He has in mind for me to do. It is not easy to accept our disabilities and everyone has a disability of some kind or another. Do you ask why do you have a disability?

Everybody Has a Disability

You are wondering why did I say the last sentence. I used the word disability loosely here. Your disability might be drinking, porn, or even work. Whatever your disability is, we can support each other although it might be difficult. I know that we can get through it if we want it. Let’s just press through the hard times and hope for the best.

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  1. I think this is great, Chris. I tell my kids often, “No one gets through this life without something.” It may be a person has a disability themselves, or it is their loved one who is affected, or an illness, or unemployment, etc. We all have to face suffering in our lives in some form, and we all need to help one another through it. I am reminded of a meme I saw on facebook a few weeks ago. It was a picture of an elderly couple holding hands as they walked down a path. The caption was, “We are all just walking each other home.” I think that is the answer. The purpose of every life is to love and be loved – to love God with all of our hearts and minds and soul and strength, and our neighbor as ourselves- and help one another to heaven. We can learn from the experiences we have in dealing with our own suffering and use that hard won knowledge to help others – just like you are doing with this website.

    1. So true. It is so sad when people think about themselves and nobody else. It is all about me. I truly wouldn’t accept my CP if I didn’t believe in God.

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