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What is Walmart Doing to Their Greeters?


What is Walmart doing? I ask the question again - what the heck is Walmart doing? They are doing away with greeters around the country. I personally know one of the greeters who was let go after twenty years. You are asking what are greeters? They are employees who are by the doors welcoming people in and saying come back soon.

Why Am I Mad?

Why am I so mad at this? I don't work for Walmart, but I heard of three people who were let go around the country. One guy, who was let go, lives in the same building that I do. All three people who were let go have Cerebral Palsy. People just think that people with disabilities can get a job easy. That is so wrong. Trust me - it will be ten years in a few days since I lost my job as a programmer analyst. Right after that, I put in applications left and right and had zero job offers. 

The Economy

The real thing that burns me is the economy is doing awesome and Walmart is letting people who love their jobs. Knowing how people with disabilities are, they cherish their work. Being a greeter, it would be very boring to me, but these people who just lost their jobs, love their work. It gets them out in the community and socialize. 

What Did Walmart make in 2017?

Another thing that burns me is that in 2017, Walmart made a profit of $128,947,000. Doug McMillin, Walmart's CEO, made 1,200 times the salary of the median Walmart worker during the same year. We know that they are not hurting financially. Yes, they are competing with Amazon, but they will always be in competition. It's not breaking news. So, letting greeters go will not make a huge difference. If they truly want to cut costs, don't you think that they should start with the top and work their way down and not the other way around? 

Walmart greeter, Cerebral Palsy


Time after time, I show that people with disabilities actually do help a company. Why is Walmart not looking at the facts? The only reason that I can think of is that they don't want to help the people with disabilities anymore. When they started hiring greeters, they were so happy helping people with disabilities and now they are turning their backs on people with disabilities.

What Can We Do?

So please help me to show Walmart that they are hurting the disability community by signing a petition to tell Walmart what they are doing is totally unfair and they have to rethink their plan with the greeters. If they don't, they will lose thousands of customers. We have to stand up for what is morally right.

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  1. They are replacing greeters with “hosts” who check receipts and are there to prevent theft. Essentially, store cops. The requirement to be able to lift 25 lbs is really a smokescreen to limit people with disability from working in a security focused role. Shows what they think of their customers.

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