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How to Treat Everyday Like it’s Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and a few years ago this day was special for me. I couldn’t wait until the flowers came for my girlfriend. At that time, I loved to dress up in my nice clothes and take her to a fine dinner. It was a special day so for me, it was a fun day looking back.

Is Valentine's Day one a year?

As we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s not just one day to show someone that you love him or her. It needs to be every day". I do believe. I just found out that one of my friends just got divorced a few months ago. We met at college and I looked up to him as a friend. I just thought he would be married forever. I don’t know what happened to their marriage and I don’t want to know what happened because it is between them.


So, what is true love anyway? Google says it is that you never have to say you’re sorry. I find this to be crazy. For me, love is when you would do anything for a person. Yes, even die for the person. You might think I have taken it to the extreme. Maybe I did take it to the extreme, but I doubt it and here is why. Let’s say you love someone and you think that they are perfect for you. Everything is going great and all of a sudden the person was in an accident and now they are a person with a disability. The love for this person is being challenged by this tragedy. Your life will not be the same anymore. If the love was just built on pleasure, the love will just fall apart. valentine's day

Build your love

Let’s takes the same couple but their love is strong and wants the best for one another. Will their love keep them together? Actually, I don’t know. You were thinking I would say for sure. Sometimes life is made up of a lot gray in it. Do I think that this relationship has a better chance of surviving? Yes, I do because the love is built on many things, not just one thing. It is like building a house. You can make a house out of dirt, but when it rains, it will turn into mud and the house will wash away. If you build the house with bricks and proper engineering principles, the house will last for a long time. The same thing is with relationships. If it is built on love and values and trust, it will last. With that being said, people do change over time, but if the relationship is being nourished, the relationship will keep on growing, otherwise, it will fall apart.

How to nourish your relationship

I said that the relationship needs to be nourished, but what helps the relationship to grow? First of all, time together. It might be a monthly date night. You are saying right, Chris. We don’t have time to see each other. That is why I said you need a monthly date night to talk and renew your love with each other. If you are on the go all the time, you become to be roommates, not a couple.

Saying I love you

Another thing that you can do is to send text to each other saying you love them. It might be silly, but if something happens to your loved one, you might regret not saying it. One of my previous aides always ends their phone calls with their immediate"  family by saying “I love you”. I found it to be really beautiful. My dad and I started texting that to each other. We don’t say it every time we text but mostly once a day. It is usually near the end of the day. It feels so good seeing it.


I think if you truly love someone, you would pray for him or her. I know that it is something that a lot of people stay away from, but God is real. Just today I heard a news story about “The View” on ABC. They were talking about Vice President Pence and how he talks to God like he is sick. If he is sick, so am I. I think praying for your loved one is very important because it brings you closer together. If you don’t bring yourselves closer, what will? I think this a fair question to ask.   As Valentine’s Day is here, I think it is important to refocus yourself on what matters to you. As this post is coming to the end, I have a question for you. What do you do to help your relationship to grow? I don’t care if you are married or you are dating someone or you have a special friend. I think anything that you do will help with anyway type of relationships. Please leave your comments below this post.

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  1. Another idea is to have dinner as a family a few times a week. Make it a priority for your family. I know kids have sports or activities after school, but do they run your family or do you? It’s something to think about.

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