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Utah is Paving the Way With Therapy

I ran upon an article about giving funding for therapy to children with Cerebral Palsy and Spina Bifida in Utah. If the bill passes into law, it would be the first law in the country that would allow money for therapy. I think that this is awesome in so many ways.

Cost for Therapy

First, therapy sometimes would cost $50 or more per session. This might seem to be high, but is it? A therapist cannot be someone off the street rather therapists go to school to become an expert. They don’t make a really good salary. You have to remember that the organization has bills to pay among other things. Do I think that the cost of therapy is too high? Yes, I do, but I do understand what the organizations have to do to stay in business.

If this bill passes, it will really help families. Some children require physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. If one therapy costs $50 and the child needs all three therapies, it would cost the family $150 a week. Now $50 most likely is low so it might be much higher

CP and Therapy

People don’t realize that children with CP need ongoing therapy because without being properly stretched out, their bodies will tighten up again. Between therapy sessions, the parents have to give the child therapy as well. So, this is ongoing process to allow the child to improve their lives.

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I think that Utah is doing something that all the state ought to be doing. The reason why I say this is because if the child learns how to do something on their own, down the line, they might not require a lot of help. Yes, this is not the answer for sure, but without having therapy the child’s body will be worse. The lawmakers don’t understand this at all because they only see money going out. Yes, money is going out, but at what rate is it going out?

It is so difficult to figure out how much money is going out. If the child has therapy, the money is going out earlier then a child without therapy. Later in life, the child who had no therapy might have more medical issues. I don’t know how true this is, but this seems more logical to me.

Staying Healthy

Let’s just forget the money for a few seconds. Therapy helps children and adults to feel better overall. When I had therapy, I felt much better after it, and besides that, I ate better. Now, what does eating better do to the body? It helps the body to stay healthy and strong. Is this what the parents want for their child? Absolutely, who wouldn’t? Having therapy, it sparks independence.


Now, independence is the key for therapy. Without therapy, a child won’t be able to see what they could do. I had therapy since the age of three until I got out of college. I saw progress throughout my early years, so I knew if I wanted something, I had to work for it. We never saw huge progress, but I did not have to see huge gains to push myself to be more independent. That was why I went away to college because I had the drive stemming from having therapy. 

I think that parents never realize what therapy is doing to their families until they step back and think about it. For me, I hated it so much that we had major fights. Looking back, I was wrong in fighting, but kids don’t realize what is good until they grow up. Parents, please don’t stop giving your children therapy because they hate it. It is necessary for their future. I hope Utah will pass this law because it will change many lives for the better. 

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