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It’s Time of Giving – How Can We Give the Right Way?


It is Christmas season again and a just wonderful time of the year. This season is a time of giving. As a person with a disability, we are usually on the receiving end throughout the year mostly. We have personal care assistants helping us, our family members helping out, and sometimes organizations drop off food time to time. Since it is the time of giving, we should try to give back, so how do we do that?

Giving from the Heart

Most people think that giving requires money. It doesn’t require money necessarily, but it does help. You must be wondering how do we do that? One way is to be nice to others. We can smile more and say thank you often. People do recognize these things and remember them. We often think we have to do things in grand fashion, but it is not the case at all. Actually, people don’t like things in grand fashion.

Just Listening

The next way is to give a person to talk without being judgmental. Last week one of my aides had a serious accident. She was not hurt really bad although her car was damaged pretty much. Her insurance company has not gotten back to her. I know a little bit about insurance, so I can listen to her and give her advice when I can. I am not saying that you have to give advice, but people usually want someone to listen to them.

Home Made Gifts

Since it is a time of giving, we can give small gifts or homemade stuff like chocolate chip cookies or brownies. I know you are saying that you cannot bake but you can get an aide or someone else to help you. If you cannot find someone to help you, maybe have the person who is getting the gift to help you and surprise them at the end by saying these are for them. I think they will love it from their heart.

Be Kind

This time of the year is to give love to everyone. I love the movies on the Hallmark channel and I know they are corny, but if we are that nice like in the movies, this world would be a better place. I know some of you are doubting it, but if we don’t try, how will we know it won’t work. Since it is a time of giving, the movies often show this, maybe we should try to give more from our hearts. Baby Jesus time of giving

The Perfect Gift

Christmas is a time when God sent His own Son down to earth as a baby. God did not have to do that, but He loves you and me so much that we have to imitate this gesture toward others. Being disabled is hard I know, but it doesn’t stop us from being kind and giving to others.

Believing in Ourselves

When I was working at HSBC, people used to say that I inspire them to work harder from looking at what I was doing. Sometimes I feel we really don’t give ourselves credit for what we do. I know that I’m a part of this group, but we are people with disabilities and we should show our appreciations brightly, so everybody will see. We have a little more than two weeks till Christmas, so what will you do to show your appreciation to others?

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