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How To – Teaching Your Special Needs Child About God

When parenting a child with a disability, there are many things to do like taking them to therapy, doctor appointments, school, and a load of other things. But how about church and teaching them about God? I know you are saying we are tired on Sundays and we never get to church on time so why should we bother trying? Teaching your special needs child about God is important.

Teaching Your Special Needs Child About God

Going to church is an important thing to do with your child with a disability. For the child, they see people and hear beautiful music - but there is an unlined purpose for going. It gives the child an understanding of why they are a person with a disability. Every single person in this world has a purpose in life. If the child does not hear about God, they might question everything about their disability. For me, I didn’t understand why I was nonverbal. When I learned about God, I was more aware of my purpose of living.

My Childhood

My parents put a sense of praying from an early age. When they put me in bed, we always prayed. I am not saying that I prayed along with them, but I would listen to them. Besides praying every night, we went to church every Sunday. I was raised up Catholic and I still practice it. There was a structure in our family that helped me to see why I was born this way. When teaching your special needs child about God, you are helping your child to understand their disability.  If  you are a Catholic and want help in teaching your child about the faith, visit Loyola Press. special needs child and God Teaching your special needs child about God

Believer or Not

A few years ago there was a guy who lived across the hall from me and was hurt in an accident. He was in his late 60’s and he was really depressed, so he would drink a lot. He said that he had no purpose of living and I would say yes, you do! One night he fell asleep and did not wake up. I am not saying that he didn’t believe in God and took his own life, I think he did believe in God but might not have understood the purpose of his accident.

The purpose of Your Child's Life

You might be wondering what you can do to instill a sense of purpose in your child’s life. First of all, try to make your child feel loved. Tell them that you love them every single day and also tell them that God loves them too. I think that is a big part of my life - feel loved by my parents, aunts, and uncles. Another thing that you can do is to tell your child that their disability happened for a purpose and say we might not understand it now, but in the future, we might. If you would have said ten years ago that I would be writing a blog, I would have said that you were nuts. I hated writing but now I love it a lot. If you keep a positive attitude for your child, I think it will put a sense of purpose in your child’s life too.

This Whole God Thing!

Let’s say that you don’t believe this whole God thing. That is OK- I am not trying to make you believe in God. I am here to help you to make your child be the best person that they can be. I think if you can get your child to understand that they have a purpose in life is all that matters. If you aren't teaching your special needs child about God, it is OK but help them to understand their disability. When you don’t have a purpose in life, how do you get up every morning and do what you do? If you have something that you do that helps your child to know about God or just motivates them, we would like to hear about it so please leave it in the comments below. Remember one thing - this website was set up to give support and give suggestions. We here, at Disability Awareness, don’t know everything so we rely on your help. Please contribute.  

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  1. I believe that the Lord puts us where we are for a reason. Disabilities show the power of God as we overcome them. Teach your child to believe in God because it will help them in their struggles

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