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What is Walmart Doing to Their Greeters?

What is Walmart doing? I ask the question again - what the heck is Walmart doing? They are doing away with greeters around the country. I personally know one of the greeters who was let go after twenty years. You are asking what are greeters? They are employees who are by the doors welcoming people in and saying come back…

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Summer jobs Prepare You for Your Career

What did I do during the summers while being in college? Well, I found summer jobs three years in a row. During my sophomore year, I had a Computer Science class where the professor was so nice. His name was Dr. Liu and we just clicked. Actually, for tests, he would come to my dorm room and help me to…

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Getting a Job is so Frustrating but I did IT and so Can You

Last time I talked about summer jobs that I had during college. I had three jobs and they were like they were handed to me. I would agree that Dr. Liu gave me the job, but the other two jobs I had to apply. They accepted me quickly so during my last semester of college, I thought I would have…

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Working at Household International Was Amazing

Last time I talked about how I received a job at Household International. Today I want to tell you what the job did for me. Let’s face it. Working is usually boring and you usually hate it, but I loved it. I don’t mean that it was the perfect job. Yes, there were some frustrating times. Nobody has the perfect…

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What is National Disability Employment Awareness Month?

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. What is this? This is to make sure that companies hire people who have disabilities. People aren’t being hired as a result of companies being scared. This is because they have a lot of misconceptions. 3 Misconceptions One of the misconceptions that companies have is that people with disabilities are lazy. This is…


I co-wrote a book entitled “They said We Couldn’t” with my friend Lisa Cesal about our lives with Cerebral Palsy. We want to spread the message that people who have Cerebral Palsy can do anything they want in life.

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