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What is Walmart Doing to Their Greeters?

What is Walmart doing? I ask the question again - what the heck is Walmart doing? They are doing away with greeters around the country. I personally know one of the greeters who was let go after twenty years. You are asking what are greeters? They are employees who are by the doors welcoming people in and saying come back…

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10 Ways to Help a Child With Autism

I never heard about Autism until my friends had a son who had it. I thought Autism was a disability that was new. The CDC says that one in 68 children has Autism. If you think of it, it is a lot of kids who have Autism. As a society, how do we support these children with this disability? I…

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Kids With CP Are Amazing and Remarkable Kids

Kids with CP are like any other kids. They like to laugh, play, swim, listen to music and thousands of other things. But, why do people have the thinking that kids with Cerebral Palsy or another disability don’t have a normal life? Like I said many of times that Cerebral Palsy affects people. It might affect a person physically. Sometimes…

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How To Plan For The Future With PCA’s

As a person with a disability like Cerebral Palsy, it is tough to plan out several months because you don’t know what aides you will have. Yes, it would be nice to say that you will have all your personal care assistants (PCA’s) in six months from now, but is it realistic? This question is not easy to answer. It…


I co-wrote a book entitled “They said We Couldn’t” with my friend Lisa Cesal about our lives with Cerebral Palsy. We want to spread the message that people who have Cerebral Palsy can do anything they want in life.

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