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Practical Tips for Soon-to-Be Parents Who Have a Disability

Disability Awareness

Bringing a new life into the world invokes many emotions and thoughts in parents. Children push you to grow, improve, and sacrifice. Expecting a child is equally thrilling and scary, and you want to prepare yourself and your home as much as possible. For parents who have a disability, the process of preparing for a child might include extra steps, but the essentials are no different.

If you are a soon-to-be parent with a disability and are looking for ideas on how you could prepare for your new bundle of joy, then look no further. First and foremost, revel in the joy and anticipation of your new baby. Whether you are on your first or fourth child, each child will change your life, and the time passes way too quickly. So even in the stress of preparing, take the time to savor the simple moments.

Second, there are some specific factors to think about. While one size does not fit all, there’s a tip or two for everyone that can make parenthood easier.

Disability Awareness seeks to enable those with disabilities to live fuller lives. Visit our site to learn more.

Take a Second Look at Your Home

Babies are tiny, but the amount of stuff they need is vast. A crib, a bassinet, stroller, carriers, loungers, swings, clothes, toys, baths, high chairs, mats, and so forth will quickly fill up your home. You will find that no matter the size of your home your child will infiltrate every room in your house.

Will your home fit your future needs? If not, it’s best to find a new home for your growing family before your child is born. Once they arrive, you will want to stay put for a while and not add additional stressors.

If a new home is in the cards for you, then start the process by doing online searches. Narrow down the options for homes that are the right layout, have enough square footage, and are located in your preferred spot. Online searches will give you a feel for prices and what options are realistic for your budget.

Additionally, online searches will help you get an idea of what sort of modifications you will need to budget for. For instance, most homes don’t already come equipped with accessible kitchens (e.g., open floor plan, accessible countertops, front-operated appliances) where you can prepare healthy meals for your family, and such modifications will need to be considered when considering costs.

Reevaluate Your Health

Before the baby arrives, it’s the perfect time to consider what you eat and whether you need to make any changes. Food plays a large role in your mental and physical well-being, and it will play the same role in your child’s life. If you change your food habits now, you will not only set your kids up for healthy eating habits, but you will have enough energy to keep up with them.

If you haven’t cooked much in the past, look for accessible recipes that are not only delicious for the whole family, but can methodically and visually walk you through the process. If you have a food allergy, have to avoid foods due to your disability, or have to incorporate foods in order to help your body function at its peak, there are hundreds of free recipes online that you can use to feed your entire family.

Find Accessible Baby Equipment

Almost all baby gear can be made accessible or already is accessible, making life easier for you and your baby. For instance, if you use a wheelchair, you can find baby gear, like bassinets and baths, that are lower and easy to reach into. If you have back issues and can’t bend over, many items can be raised, and for things like strollers and tricycles, you can find raised handlebars.

Every parent has to prepare for their little one, and those preparations will look different for every family. Even among parents who have disabilities, the needs will differ. What all parents need is a safe and comfortable home, to take care of their physical and mental well-being, and some essential baby gear. Whether you are looking for an accessible home, adaptable gear, or the perfect recipes, there are answers for your every need.

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