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Improving Our Country Starts With Us

These past weeks we are bombarded with killings. Most of them were students and teachers in Florida. Last week in Chicago a police officer was shot after 35 years of service. We all feel the pain of all of this. I am not here to talk about what should be done because I don’t know. One thing that I know is our country needs love.


What do I mean by love? I don’t mean it in a romantic way but in a friendship way. We have to respect each other. If we don’t have respect for each other, we cannot show love. We all had someone hurt us during our lives. It might have been on purpose or it was an accident. No matter what it was, we have to forgive the person. our flag, our country, disability awareness


I know that forgiveness is really difficult to especially if someone killed one of your family members. It is hard to forgive someone who has done wrong to us. Sometimes we get burning mad inside and want to hurt them. Is it right to do it? The answer is no, but we all felt the rage inside of us. We are human beings and have faults. I am not saying since we have faults, we can do whatever we want. Just the opposite, we have to admit our faults and try harder to do better in our lives. If we improve our lives, our country will be improved too. Isn't that what we want to improve our country?


As a Catholic, we are in the season that is called Lent. Lent is 40 days before Easter to prepare us for Easter. It is like spring-cleaning. Spring-cleaning is a time to clean the whole house and throw away old things. Lent is similar but you are cleaning your life from all the sin that we have done and all of the bitterness that we hold inside. As Catholics, we have Confession, where we go to a priest and ask for forgiveness for our sins. When we do that, we receive grace to do better in our lives. If you are not a Catholic, just ask God to help you to improve your life and He will. All of us have felt sadness with all the killings that occurred. We have to pray for all who are suffering from these tragedies. We have to also pray for all who are thinking of hurting people in the near future. Our lawmakers need our prayers so they can set aside their differences and make this country a better place to live.

What Will You Do?

As I end this blog post, I ask you what you will do to make this country a better place. If you say that you cannot change this country, please rethink your answer. It has to start with us and if people notice it, it will flourish like wildfire. So, I ask you again what will you do to change this country, please leave a comment below.    

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