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Netflix “Special” Got My Mind Wondering

I just ran across an article about a new Netflix show called “Special”. It is about a guy who has Cerebral Palsy and gay. The first show aired on April 12. I watched the trailer and to me, it was just alright. 

Ray O'Connell

The character who plays the guy who has CP is Ray O’Connell and actually has Cerebral Palsy. His CP is really minor - he can walk, talk, and use his hands. This show is based on his memoir: “I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.” 

Although this show sounds great, I have a bad feeling about it. I don’t have any problems with gays but having shown with people with disabilities is really new to TV. So, people are getting comfortable with seeing them and learning a lot about disabilities.

Issues With "Special"

My issue is that we are forcing to watch a show that would be a great learning tool for everybody, but if you are religious and are practicing your faith, how can you watch something that is immoral? You can say: “Oh Chris, get with the times.” Should my faith change because society thinks it is OK? I think not. I have to be true to my beliefs.

At a conference a few years ago, I talked to a guy at a conference. He was a person with a disability and transgender. The guy made a statement that stuck with me. He said that the gay community should include people with disabilities because we are fighting for equal justice. I see his position to a point, but the disability community is so different. Our lives require things that are important to us. If I don’t have help every day, I will not get out of bed.


They wanted gay marriages legal. My question is how are their lives different from two people living together? If you think about it, it is the same thing. People live with each other for many years and don’t think of asking for help from the government. Marriage is between a man and a woman period because it is how God wanted it to be. I know that there will be some people who will disagree with me, but I don’t care because it is the truth.

Some Thoughts

The show “Special” might be great, but it doesn’t have to force the gay lifestyle on me. Most people with disabilities seem to be straight. I am not saying all are straight. A ton of people with disabilities is looking for dates and marriage. Wouldn’t that be a great plot for a show? Hollywood is full of gays, so they think everyone is gay which is not true.

Time has changed for the better for people with disabilities but why do the gay community want to take over everything in our lives. I know some people want to be heard, but how far is too far? This show might be about Ray’s memoir, but they could cut out most of the gay things out. If I wrote a memoir and someone wanted to turn it in a series, but they wanted to cut some parts out, I would understand. Would I be mad? I think yes, but if some parts were deleted to get more people to watch it, I would say sure.

What Do You Think?

Life has good points and bad points, and nobody can receive everything they want. Yes, it hurts, but we all have to adapt to things. Special might be an awesome show, but should we accept the gay life style in every show? If you have a different view on this show or the same view as me, I would like to know your reason for your opinion. Put your comments below this post please.

8 Replies to “Netflix “Special” Got My Mind Wondering”

    1. I don’t know what I am talking about then enlighten me. You say that I am not an educator. What am I then? Oh I should say LGBT is alright and it is alright living together. I know maybe we should let them run the country. Would you be happy then? I love to know your thoughts. You are saying I’m bad but don’t explain why. Please write more.

      1. There are many people that are gay and have disabilities sorry if you’re mind can only take one thing at a time one issue at a time
        Nothing like judgmental Christians

        1. It is sad that you can’t see beyond the gay platform. I watched 3 episodes and was struck by how he could not talk about his CP but could say that he was gay. Isn’t it ironic? I found it very weird.

    2. Disability rights and LGBT rights should go together. I find it sad that you cannot see that your own fight for justice should open your heart to people that experience similar prejudice.

      1. But what is similar between LGBT and the disability community? Do they experience accessibility issues? Health care? Getting a job? What is it? I don’t get it. We don’t have much in common. When I was a kid, I never heard LGBT but people with disability fought for accessibility, transportation, education, and much more. LGBT wanted marriage rights and got it. They want insurance for the partner and got it. Transgenders want their own bathroom. Why? I am disabled and want to be an able body. Will I get a new body? NO so why do they have the right to change sex? They don’t.

        1. Do they experience accessibility issues? Health care? Getting a job?

          Literally yes to all of these

          You should look up Steven Silberman, a gay man who wrote about the neurodiversity movement.

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