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Myka Stauffer: How Could She Give Huxley Up?

If you like YouTube as much as me, you have seen videos about Myka Stauffer and her family. If you have not heard what was going on, I will give you the cliff-notes version of what happened. Myka Stauffer and her husband are known as YouTube creators. They have three channels that have well over a million subscribers. They have three kids of their own and adopted a boy from China. They did videos about the adoption process and after they brought the son home, they videoed their lives with him.

Myka Stauffer

Myka Stauffer knew that Huxley had Autism from the start and the couple was fine with that. Actually, they asked for a child with special needs, so it was not something that they did not know about. Huxley had a difficult time adjusting to his new family, but he became comfortable being with Myka. Earlier this year, people stopped seeing Huxley in videos and on other media platforms. Sadly, old pictures and videos of him were taken down, and people were asking questions about what happened with Huxley. 

The News

Last week Mr. and Mrs. Stauffer made a video explaining what happened to Huxley, and mainly they said they had to give him up for adoption. WHAT? Yes, they had to give him up because his medical needs were too hard to handle. Besides that, the adoption agency didn't tell them everything about Huxley. They gave him to a family who the wife was a nurse.

My Thoughts

This hurts me very much and I am going to explain why. The first reason is how they did not know every medical issues Huxley had. Yes, the adoption agency should have disclosed everything to Stauffer, but does a child come with a manual when they are born? The answer is NO! My parents didn’t know that I had Cerebral Palsy until I was a year old. They had a hard time feeding me. Myka Stauffer knew that Huxley had Autism upfront. She could have read up on Autism when they started the adoption process. Did she? I doubt it. 

Helping Huxley VS New House

The next thing that bothered me is that his medical care cost was growing. My answer is so what. By the way, they just bought a new house because she is having another child. How does this make sense? We cannot handle the extra cost for him, but we surely need a bigger house. Can someone explain the logic in this to me please? 

Helping Other Parents

Oh, this next reason is really heartbroken. Did Myka Stauffer really think about how giving Huxley up again will affect him? You can say that kids move from family to family all the time. This is true, but at the same time, kids with Autism need stability because if something is different in their lives, they regress a lot. Didn't Myka know that or did she put her needs above Huxley? 

Being a YouTuber, you have a lot of influence on people. There are a lot of helpful influences but also a lot of bad influences. What Myka Slauffer did was very bad. Here‘s why. She just told the world that it is ok to get rid of kids with disabilities because it was very hard. With videoing Huxley through the two years they had him, it helped so many other parents with kids with disabilities. Now, who knows what will happen to these parents? We got no way of truly knowing the impact from their decision.

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  1. I have to agree with everything you said. I would have never known that such influential people are using kids these days to gather views and subscribers for their channel. Upsetting!

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