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Meet Jason Swann – An Amazing Story

Imagine being wakened up by a phone call from a hospital at 2 o'clock in the morning on a cold day in December. All they say is to come to the hospital right away. It is your son. What would you do? You don’t know what happened. It would freak me out for sure, but this happened to Mr. and Mrs. Swann on December 23, 1999, with their son Jason Swann. That day would change their lives completely for the rest of their lives.

Jason's Childhood

Mr. and Mrs. Swann had three boys and one girl, and their oldest son was Jason. Now, Jason is a son that everybody wants to have. He had all A’s in high school and played sports like football, basketball, and baseball which he loved the most. Jason Swann had a job working at a local diner in Missouri. He went to church every Sunday with his family. Jason is a person who everybody loves dearly.

The Accident

On December 22, a group of friends was going out for fun because a childhood friend came home from the military. Since Jason is a great guy, he offered to be the driver for the night. They were coming home from a fun night on a one-way road and a car took a wrong turn and hit his car head-on. The driver of the other car was a nurse who was drunk. They took Jason to the hospital by ambulance and after the doctors looked at him, they didn’t know if he would make it through the night. By a miracle, Jason did survive. 

He mimics a Quadriplegic,
but he can feel everything. He’s also nonverbal, but he is smart. He talks when someone runs through the alphabet and when they say the letter that he wants, he looks up. This is a long process to do, but sometimes I do this too when I don’t have my iPad in front of me. His mom said he doesn’t have enough control of his head and hands to work a computer.

Back in 2015, he had kidney failure so now he is on dialysis four times a week. With the help of his care team at Fresenius Kidney Care and since his mom is a nurse, they found an at-home treatment option. I asked her why they do it at home, and she said that his body can’t control his temperature at all. So, if he goes out in the summer, his temperature would rise and the opposite would happen in the winter. He doesn’t go out very much. 

Jason Swann Loves Life

You must be wondering if he likes life and the answer is yes. He never once complained about being a person with a disability. He loves football so one of his friends or brothers helps him to play fantasy football. Last year he did very well in his league. 

A lot of people would say they wouldn’t want to live in Jason’s condition. I would say that he is a very unique man who has the right to live. He has a few nephews and a niece who crawl on his lap and make him laugh. They didn’t know him before his accident so this is the only way they know him. They love being around him and don’t considered him different because he is not different. Yes, he needs help but he is a human being. 

Effects on the Family

I asked his mom how Jason’s accident affected her marriage and the family. It affected her marriage greatly and her husband went into depression and after some years they got a divorce. A few years ago, Jason’s dad died. I am noticing that moms have a lot more strength to overcome tragedy like this. I am not saying that moms don’t suffer pain and loss, but they just deal with it. 

Jason’s brothers and sister are really involved in his life. All of them are married and their spouses help out with Jason. I know that God has a plan for this family and they met it head on and accept it. My mom always told me when I have a struggle, just turn to the Lord for help. It always helps me.

Some Thoughts

If you are having a bad day, just think about Jason Swann. I am sure he gets frustrated with how his life turned out to be, but he accepts the cards that he has been given. Maybe we all should do the same. 

10 Replies to “Meet Jason Swann – An Amazing Story”

  1. Very good post. I enjoyed reading it. This gave me more courage, and showed me how small my problems are compared to others. Thank you.

  2. I have had the pleasure of meeting Jason & his family. He is a very amazing young man. And his Mom, LYNITA, is the best nurse Tobe found for Jason.
    Love you all

  3. I, too, agree that Jason is a special young man, an inspiration to all that know him. His Mom and siblings have been a great support system for the past 20 years. Love you, Jason – and Roll Tide! From your Aunt Sheila!

  4. I was involved in Jasper Newton County MADD when this happened. I will never forget about this and pray for strength for the family.

  5. Our family has known the Swanns for as long as I can remember. They are truly an amazing family and they inspire me daily. Thank you for sharing their story with the world. I pray their love and dedication to the Lord and each other even in the midst of trouble can be a light and inspiration to others.

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