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How to hire the best personal care assistant in town?

Not all humans are privileged to have a sound body. Some are challenged by disease and some are by disabilities. Those who belong to the second category tend to defy the odds of life, both physically and mentally on a daily basis. And what we see them go through from outside hardly explains it. Most of these challenges surface in an attempt to complete daily routines such as dressing, bathing, combing hair, and eating. They don’t need our sound knowledge on disability awareness. Sometimes, all they need is a little push to their chair for easily stepping on to those stairs or holding a mirror firm while they style their hair. That’s when the need for a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) goes imperative.

What PCAs they do?

A certified Personal Care Assistant (PCA) takes the responsibility of helping physically and mentally challenged patients in their everyday lives. Their responsibilities are but not limited to:

  • Treating physically challenged persons with complete disability awareness
  • Giving patients medicine on time
  • Helping them in performing daily life routines
  • Assisting for physical therapies
  • Cooking their meals and shopping essential groceries
  • Keeping house and environment clean
  • Updating doctors with their health status and routine
  • Respond quickly during emergencies

What’s an ideal PCA like?

More than having a license from the state medical board, PCAs are committed caretakers by nature. They handle patients with a strong and compassionate attitude to keep them overcoming challenges with ease. On the one hand, they are physically strong to do housework and cooking while, on the other hand, they are CPR certified to handle patients when they experience abnormal breathing.

How to hire the best PCA in town

Consider performing the following steps.

#1 Sort your requirements

Just create a list of duties that your PCA needs to perform on a daily basis. Be very specific about what your patient needs and state them with their exact degree of difficulty involved.

man in wheelchair holding hands of his daughter and wife

Look for PCAs

You can simply post an ad in a classified or take help of any community providing PCAs for service. Either way, candidates must match at least 80% of your requirements to qualify for an interview.

Take Interviews

It’s time to pick the perfect one. There is a simple process for it. During the interview, walk them through a complex daily scenario of the patient and pose them with a challenge to deal with. See how they come up with a solution to solve them. If they impress you, s/he is your guy.

End Thoughts

Hiring is not the first step for taking better care of your patient. You must also know how to maintain and fire them when the time comes. Take this PCA Course to know more.

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