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Employment Among People With Disabilities Has Not Improved – Why?

The unemployment rate is the lowest in many years. Women unemployment is the lowest and the black unemployment is the lowest ever. Employment among people with disabilities has not improved. I was thinking about it and was feeling that companies were the problem. Although they are the problem to a point, it is not completely their fault. employment among people with disabilities stastistics from 2015 and 2016

Corporate World

I worked in the corporate world for fourteen years as a programmer analyst. Being in this environment, it was really rewarding for me and I loved the fast pace. There were several other people who had a disability and they were doing a good job. At that time, I was assuming that other people with disabilities were being lazy and did not want to work. Yes, I was wrong with thinking that, but for me, I was seeing people with disabilities and could use their hands and could talk. I was not seeing the whole picture.

Living With Pain

There are many people who have disabilities and are living with pain daily. Although they really want to work, some days they cannot do anything due to the pain and if they had a job, they might have to call off a lot. They don’t want to risk it.

Autism And Down Syndrome

Let’s talk about the individuals who are not mentally capable of working without a person watching them. The person physically can do the work but they get distracted a lot. It takes someone who fully understands the situation and wants" to try hiring someone like this. If someone hires a person, who is like this, they don’t know if the person will work out and the bigger question is how will their customers react. A few years ago I watched a video about a little bakery, which hired one or two people who had Down Syndrome. The customers looked forward to coming into the bakery being welcome by the employees. You could argue that if one business can hire people with disabilities successfully, why can’t other businesses do the same thing? Well, that is a good question. As we already know that disabilities affect each person differently and so you might not get the same production from the employees. I think the location of the business is so critical because if the community hasn’t been around people with disabilities would not come to the place often. If the community has a lot of people with disabilities, people would likely do business with the place.

Improving The Unemployment Rate

Getting employment among people with disabilities to rise is going to be difficult but not impossible. I think the small business owners could help with this. They have more flexible hours and they usually don’t have big crowds. With that being said, bigger businesses have more accessible places. So people who are in wheelchairs have more chance of working for a bigger business. I have to say to increase employment among people with disabilities will be really difficult to solve. There are too many factors to deal with. Although this is a complicated situation to solve, I think the local towns should look at this issue because the federal government really doesn’t know what will work and what won’t. If a town does increase employment among people with disabilities, they could help other towns with improving their own town.  

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