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Top 10 Misconceptions About Cerebral Palsy

As a person with Cerebral Palsy, I have heard a lot of misconceptions about Cerebral Palsy and a lot of them are so outrageous that they are funny. I am going to give my top ten misconceptions about Cerebral Palsy.

#10 Cerebral Palsy Will Get Better

Cerebral Palsy is brain damage from a lack of oxygen before birth, during birth, and after birth. Since there is damage to the brain, the brain can’t be fixed. So Cerebral Palsy will not be cured. With that being said, you can improve the quality of life by receiving therapy. With having therapy, the person can train their body to function better. A lot of people with Cerebral Palsy go to therapy for many years.

#9 Kids With CP Can’t Go Far in School

This is a huge misconception about Cerebral Palsy because a lot of people with Cerebral Palsy can go to college and become good at what they received a degree in. One of my friends who I met in college is a lawyer. Another friend is a minister at a church in Michigan. He is also nonverbal as me, so he types his talks in his communication system and plays them at church.

#8 There is a lot of Money for Research

This is totally false. There is some research being done around the world, but it is not a ton of money. I read that there is a group of doctors around the world who are working together, but I haven’t seen any updates lately.

#7 A Person with CP Doesn’t Need a Wheelchair

Another one of the misconceptions about Cerebral Palsy is also crazy because most people with CP require a wheelchair to move around. Although there are some people who can walk, they can walk with a walker or sometimes they don’t need assistant at all. The reason why some people can walk and others need a wheelchair is because of the length of not having oxygen at birth causes less or more brain damage. That is why Cerebral Palsy is so different from person to person.

#6 People Can Catch CP

Nobody can catch it like a cold, but doctors are looking at the DNA and they are now thinking it can be caused by hereditary issues. This is really new over the past ten years so they have to do more research to be sure. They know that a lack of oxygen around the birth is the causes Cerebral Palsy for sure. cp misconceptions misconceptions about erebral Palsy myth vs reality

#5 Cerebral Palsy is a Progressive Condition

Cerebral Palsy is not like Muscular Dystrophy where it gets worse as the person grows older. With that being said, the person’s ability to do things might decrease, as they don’t receive therapy. Let’s take this for an example. You were a good track runner in high school and now you are older and stopped running. Do you think you could run as fast as before? I doubt it. It is like a person with Cerebral Palsy. They might have stopped doing things because they needed to get done faster so other people started to help the individual. So it is not because of the Cerebral Palsy.

#4 People with CP Can’t Live on Their Own

Again this is false. I live on my own, as do many other people with CP. We do require assistants to help us. We tell our aides what to do and we pay them for helping us. Since Cerebral Palsy affects individuals differently, some people cannot live on their own at all due to their mental ability.

#3 Kids With CP Will Never be Accepted Socially

I think this one is difficult to confirm or deny. In my own life, others have shunned me out. I think it is because I am nonverbal. People sometimes don’t know how to communicate with me. When people see me with my friends, they usually become relaxed. If the person with CP can talk, they can make friends easier. In my opinion, it all depends on the person with CP. If they are opened to making friends, they have more friends.

#2 Person with CP can’t Work

This misconception about Cerebral Palsy is like the last misconception. It depends on the person’s ability to function in a work environment. Some people with Cerebral Palsy can work well, but other people don’t have the ability to do things independently. Once again, it depends on how much brain damage is there. If they do well in school, they most likely are able to work. There are other factors that may prevent them finding a job such as being nonverbal. Finding a company that is open to hiring a person with CP… I am not saying it is impossible but it is challenging.

#1 Person with CP Doesn’t Fall in Love

This misconception is so funny because the person has the same opportunity as the next person. I think if the person is opened minded with dating someone with Cerebral Palsy or any disability, it can happen. I have several friends who have Cerebral Palsy and are married. Women with Cerebral Pals.y have less chance of getting married than men, but I know two women who got married. There are a lot more misconceptions about Cerebral Palsy that we can provide here, but the reason why there are many is that people don’t want to learn about Cerebral Palsy or any disability. This website is all about educating society and by educating others, my hope is one day I can enter a party or a restaurant without being looked upon as a strange guy. If you have some more misconceptions about Cerebral Palsy, please leave them in the comments below this post. I will keep adding to the list. Hopefully, we could provide 100 misconceptions.

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