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What Are You Doing For Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month?

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and you might be wondering why we need a month for this. This is a good question to ask. You might be saying Cerebral Palsy is a common disability and this may be true for some people but not all. For people who have CP, they are usually around other people who know about Cerebral Palsy, but the average person on the street might have never heard about Cerebral Palsy before. That is why every March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month to make people aware of CP.

What is CP?

Cerebral Palsy occurs before birth, during birth, or after birth. Although the parents find him out their child has CP a year later or so, the doctors usually remember something went wrong with the delivery or with the pregnancy. The parents see signs as the child is growing. The child might not be holding their head up or they might not be crawling. There is always some kind of delay in" the child’s actions. That is why we have to make people aware of CP now because if they can learn something about it now, they might remember when they might have a child with signs of it or have a friend in a similar situation.

Cerebral Palsy Awareness month

Cerebral  Palsy Awareness Month

How do we spread awareness about Cerebral Palsy? Well, it starts with being open to talking about your disability. It is the same with any disability not just for CP. I think if you run across someone who is curious about your disability and you take action on the curiosity, it will open a dialogue about the disability. Don’t spend a long on it unless the person is asking you a lot of good questions.

What Can You Do?

People sometimes wear a green pin or a green band to show awareness. This might work, but I had a band on my wheelchair for a few years. I forgot what it was for so when somebody asked me what was the band for, I couldn’t tell him or her. I think most people have the same problem unless the cause is really important to them. There are so many ways of spreading awareness. For kids, they can raise money for United Cerebral Palsy during the summer. They could set up a lemonade stand and tell people that money is going to this organization and if somebody is interested in knowing more, then the kids could tell them why they are raising the money. Another idea for kids is to do a report on Cerebral Palsy for their class. As we are ending up with March, what are you trying to do to spread awareness about Cerebral Palsy? I don’t mean something big but what you actually can do in the last two weeks of March? If you have something in mind that you might do, please tell us down in the comments below this post.  

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