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Cerebral Palsy: 4 Preventable causes of your Child’s disability

We read mostly about cerebral palsy that it is a serious medical condition that can disrupt the wellbeing of your child. Though there are different types of CP, yet they all lead to motor coordination, speech difficulty, or seizure activity.

Most of the time, we see that this condition occurs during the birth process but we may not detect its symptoms and signs at that time. Therefore you may wonder if your child’s cerebral palsy was preventable.

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Cause of Cerebral Palsy

There can be many causes of cerebral palsy but ultimately it results from an injury to the brain. During the delivery process, some preventable causes such as Lack of oxygen during labor or delivery or untreated low blood sugar may lead to cerebral palsy in your child. The disorder may cause due to medical mismanagement as well. In this article, we will discuss 4 preventable causes of your child’s cerebral palsy.

  Delay in delivery

When delivery stops progressing, the cesarean section may become necessary. However in some cases due to mismanagement or other reasons the emergency cesarean section follows a delayed delivery. Therefore the delayed delivery might cause a risk for developing cerebral palsy in your baby.

Meconium Staining

Meconium is the first stool your baby passes after birth. However, in some cases, meconium comes out before the baby comes out. When the baby inhales this meconium, he/she may suffer from birth asphyxia. The infant may develop lung infection which makes him/her more vulnerable to cerebral palsy.

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Injuries to the Head

During the birth process, medical mismanagements can increase the risk of cerebral palsy in your child. A traumatic birth can not only pose threats to the mother but also for the child. The risk of a diagnosis of cerebral palsy may increase when the infant sustains a head injury during the delivery. These types of injuries may be caused by the improper use of birth assistive tools or lack of proper care during labor or delivery.

Maternal infections

Maternal infections are one of the major causes of cerebral palsy in infants. When a pregnant mother suffers from fever or any kind of viral/bacterial infection, the fetus develops infection or fever as well. The mother’s body releases a high quantity of cytokines to fight inflammation which might cause oxygen deprivation in the body of the infant. Therefore the child may become more vulnerable to cerebral palsy.

Final Notes

All these causes we discussed are preventable. So if you are a parent and want to ensure that your child does not develop cerebral palsy, you can take note of these 4 points to prevent them. Whether it’s medical mismanagements or complexity in the delivery process, you can take control of these causes.

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