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Improving Our Country Starts With Us

These past weeks we are bombarded with killings. Most of them were students and teachers in Florida. Last week in Chicago a police officer was shot after 35 years of service. We all feel the pain of all of this. I am not here to talk about what should be done because I don’t know. One thing that I know…

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How to Treat Everyday Like it’s Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day and a few years ago this day was special for me. I couldn’t wait until the flowers came for my girlfriend. At that time, I loved to dress up in my nice clothes and take her to a fine dinner. It was a special day so for me, it was a fun day looking back. Is…

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Faith and Disability – Do They Work Together?

Some people think that faith and disability don’t mix well. Is this right or do they go hand and hand? We have a question from one of our subscribers on our YouTube channel. JJ Bazil asked how does your faith affect your view of your disability? This is a really interesting question. Before I talk about what I believe in,…

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My Birth

My Birth When I was born, it was a gorgeous spring day in the early part of June. The birds were singing away and the rays of the sun were coming down and warming everything up. It was perfect weather to go to the beach and soak up the sun. My mom loved to sunbathe with her girlfriends. Rather going…

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Success in College with Friends

Well, last time I talked about how I managed college as a person with Cerebral Palsy. Today I want to talk about friendships at college. Some of you are saying that is dumb. It might be dumb but friendships kept me in college. Without friends, I don’t know how I would have survived. Steve my Hero I want to start…

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Getting a Job is so Frustrating but I did IT and so Can You

Last time I talked about summer jobs that I had during college. I had three jobs and they were like they were handed to me. I would agree that Dr. Liu gave me the job, but the other two jobs I had to apply. They accepted me quickly so during my last semester of college, I thought I would have…

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Kids With CP Are Amazing and Remarkable Kids

Kids with CP are like any other kids. They like to laugh, play, swim, listen to music and thousands of other things. But, why do people have the thinking that kids with Cerebral Palsy or another disability don’t have a normal life? Like I said many of times that Cerebral Palsy affects people. It might affect a person physically. Sometimes…


Chris Lenart has written extensively on the subject of disability and faith.

His hope is that by talking about faith and disability, people of all denominations — or no specific denomination — who feel alone or helpless may find some comfort, support, and sense of inclusion.

The Catholic entertainment network Shalom World recently did a feature about Chris on their show Triumph. View it here.


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I co-wrote a book entitled “They said We Couldn’t” with my friend Lisa Cesal about our lives with Cerebral Palsy. We want to spread the message that people who have Cerebral Palsy can do anything they want in life.

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